A list of all current staff is given below.  If you are interested in joining our committed, ambitious and close-knit community of staff please refer to the ‘Careers’ page to see a list of current vacancies.

Staff List 2020


Teaching Staff and Teaching Support Professionals
Ms S Cavanagh Head Teacher
Mr T Brook Deputy Head Teacher
Ms C Venter Deputy Head Teacher
Mr A Deveson Assistant Head, Outcomes, Maths
Ms A Gifford Assistant Head
Mr S Holmes Assistant Head & DSL
Ms L Morris Assistant Head – Transition Lead
Mr N Smith Assistant Head – Inclusion Lead/SENCO
Mr R Tyrrell Assistant Head
Ms S Ahmed Teaching Assistant
Mr  R Allport Drama / Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr N Arun Teacher NQT
Mr M Axbey Physics Teacher/Enrichment Co-ordinator
Ms E Baker Art Teacher 
Ms P Bhasin Maths Teacher
Ms E Barnard Head of Year 8/ English Teacher
Dr R Bartlett Curriculum Lead Chemistry
Ms J Brewer English & Media Studies Teacher
Ms C  Briggs Specialist Resource Provision Lead 
Ms G Cameron Teaching Assistant
Ms C Carter Curriculum Lead Music/ Head of House
Ms S Clay Maths Teacher
Mr N Collins Curriculum Lead Geography
Mr G Cowie Head of Year 10
Ms M Cruz English Teacher
Mr C Cummings Drama/Performing Arts Teacher
Ms S Daley STEM Strategic Lead
Ms Z Dark Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms A De Vita MFL Teacher
Ms C Dowling English Teacher
Ms A Drury Science Teacher/Head of House
Ms J Dudley Science Technician
Mr A Ellison DofE Award Lead and Enrichment Coordinator
Ms V Fagiano Maths Teacher
Ms E Forder English Teacher
Ms B Froud Maths Teacher NQT
Ms C Godec Teaching Assistant
Dr V Gopee Curriculum Lead Physics
Dr N Housego-Woolgar Lead Science Technician
Ms B Howe Geography Teacher NQT
Mr P Jalil Key Stage 5 Lead DT Teacher
Ms A Jacques Progress & Welfare Co-ordinator
Mr D Kemp Head of Science
Ms S Khatun Maths Teacher
Ms S Lammiman Teaching Assistant
Mr A Lecocq Progress & Welfare Co-ordinator
Mr A Lockett Joint Curriculum Lead PE/Head of House
Ms R Malik-Kates HOY 7/Transition Lead
Mr S May HOY8/PE Teacher
Ms F McCarthy Joint Curriculum Lead PE/Head of House
Ms S McKernan EAL Language Assistant
Ms L Musto Teaching Assistant
Ms G Negrotti History Teacher/Head of Humanities
Mr M O’Brien Curriculum Lead DT
Ms J Omotesho Head of Art
Ms A On Head of English
Ms U Patel Teaching Assistant
Ms L Pavitt MFL Teacher/CEIAG
Ms B Preeti Teaching Assistant
Ms E Raven Curriculum Lead Philosophy, Religion & Ethics
Mr A Rios Perez MFL Teacher
Mr R Smith Lead Digital Learning
Ms A Springer HOY11/Digital Learning Teacher
Mr J Stapleton History Teacher
Mr J Taylor Head of MFL
Ms F Thies KS3 Lead English Teacher
Ms G Veglio Head of Maths
Ms S Walters Personal Care Teaching Assistant
Mr R Ward Teacher NQT
Ms C Waugh Science Teacher NQT
Ms S Young Drama Lead 
Operations Staff
Ms S Allen Operations Assistant
Ms C Cobbald Operations Assistant
Ms V Crane Operations & Attendance Assistant
Ms J Dudley Chief Operating Officer
Ms J Free PA to the Head Teacher
Mr C Fox Facilities Assistant
Ms O Fuentes-Turpo Porter
Ms Z Gallagher Clerk to Board of Trustees
Ms S Gordon-Steward HR Specialist
Mr L Groenewald Assistant Facilities Manager
Mr D Harris Facilities Manager
Ms R Landy Finance Manager
Ms F Parry Operations Assistant
Mr R Parry Operations & Business Development Manager
Ms N Russell Data Manager
Ms L Thomas Exams Officer
Ms K Williams Operations Supervisor