A list of all current staff is given below.  If you are interested in joining our committed, ambitious and close-knit community of staff please refer to the ‘Recruiting Now’ page to see a list of current vacancies.

Staff 2019

Subject Name Initials Post
  Ms Sophie CAVANAGH SCA Headteacher
Art and Design Ms Joeanna OMOTESHO JOM Subject Leader – Art
Ms Esme BAKER ESB Art Teacher
Design and Technology Mr Mark O’BRIEN MOB Subject Leader – D&T
Drama Ms Sara YOUNG SYO Subject Leader – Drama
Digital Literacy Mr Richard SMITH RSM Subject Leader – Digital Literacy
  Ms Anthea SPRINGER ASP Head of Year 11
English Ms Amy ON AON Subject Leader – English
Ms Emma BARNARD EBA Head of Year 8
Ms Jennifer BREWER JBR i/c Media Studies
  Mr Tom BROOK TBR Deputy Headteacher
Ms Maria CRUZ MCR English Teacher
Mrs Claire DOWLING CDO English Teacher
Ms Emma FORDER EFO English Teacher
  Ms Freja THIES FTH i/c KS3 English
Geography Mr Neil COLLINS NCO Subject Leader – Geography
  Ms Anna GIFFORD AGI Assistant Headteacher
Ms Brittany HOWE BHO Geography Teacher
History Ms Gianella NEGROTTI GNE Subject Leader – Humanities
  Ms Margot JOHNSTON MJO Head of Sixth Form
  Mr Jack STAPLETON JST History Teacher
  Mr Richard TYRRELL RTY Assistant Headteacher
Inclusion Ms Carly BRIGGS CBR Interim SENCO & Teacher i/c Specialist Resourced Provision
Ms Sharmin AHMED SAH Teaching Assistant
Mr Richard ALLPORT RAL *Paternity Leave – Autumn 2019
Mr Nirmalan ARUNASALEM NAR Teaching Assistant
Ms Grace CAMERON GCA Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms Zoe DARK ZDA Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms Catherine GODEC CGO Teaching Assistant
Ms Shannon LAMMIMAN SLM Teaching Assistant
Ms Lorna MUSTO LMU Teaching Assistant
Ms Rana MALIK-KATES RMA Head of Year 7 and Transition Coordinator
Mr David STENNING DST Higher Level Teaching Assistant
EAL Ms Sarah MCKERNAN SMC Lead EAL Language Tutor
Maths Ms Gabby VEGLIO GVE Subject Leader – Maths
  Ms Pooja BHASIN PBH Maths Teacher
  Ms Sarah CLAY SCL Maths Teacher (KS3 Coordinator)
  Mr Alex DEVESON ADE Assistant Headteacher
  Ms Veena FAGIANO VFA Maths Teacher
  Ms Bella FROUD BFR Maths Teacher
  Ms Shahina KHATUN SKH Maths Teacher
  Ms Lucy MORRIS LMO Assistant Headteacher
Modern Foreign Languages Mr Jacob TAYLOR JTA Subject Leader – MFL
  Ms Alessia DeVITA ADV Languages Teacher
  Mr Stuart HOLMES SHO Assistant Headteacher – DSL
  Ms Lauren PAVITT LPA CEIAG Coordinator
  Mr Antonio RIOS-PEREZ ARP Languages Teacher
Music Ms Celia CARTER CCA Subject Teacher – Music; Head of House – Curie
  Mr Craig CUMMINGS CCU Music and Drama Teacher
Philosophy and Ethics Ms Emma RAVEN ERA Subject Leader – Philosophy and Ethics
  Mr Gary COWIE GCO Head of Year 10
Physical Education Mr Alex LOCKETT ALO Head of House – Hawking
Ms Francesca McCARTHY FMC Head of House – Berners-Lee
Mr Simon MAY SMA Head of Year 9
Science Mr Daniel KEMP DKE Subject Leader – Science
Mr Matthew AXBEY MAX DoE Coordinator
Dr Rachel BARTLETT RBA Science Teacher
Ms Alesha DRURY ADR Head of House – Lovelace
Dr Vimal GOPEE VGO i/c Physics
Ms Hyacinth TAYLOR HTA Science Teacher
  Ms Charlie VENTER CVE Deputy Headteacher – Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  Ms Courtney WAUGH CWA Science Teacher

Operations and Support Staff

Subject Name Initials Post
  Ms Sharon ALLEN SAL Operations Assistant
  Ms Nikki COBBALD NCB Operations Assistant
  Ms Vicky CRANE VCR Operations and Attendance Assistant
Science Ms Sue DALEY SDA STEM Strategic Lead
Science Ms Jessica DUDLEY JDD Science Technician
Ms Julie DUDLEY JDU Chief Operating Officer
Mr Alan ELLISON AEL DoE and Enrichment Coordinator
Mr Carl FOX CFO Facilities Assistant
  Ms Justine FREE JFR PA to Head teacher
  Ms Octavia FUENTES-TURPO OFU Catering Assistant
  Ms Zara GALLAGHER ZGA Clerk to the Trust/Compliance/Company Secretary and Data Protection Officer
Mr David HARRIS DHA Facilities Manager
Dr Nicola HOUSEGO-WOOLGAR NHO Lead Science Technician
Nucleus Ms Anne JAQUES AJA Progress and Welfare Coordinator
Ms Rossella LANDY RLA Finance Manager
Nucleus Mr Adrian LECOCQ ALE Progress and Welfare Coordinator
Mr Kamil OLDACH KOL Senior Facilities Assistant
Mr Richard PARRY RPA Operations and Business Development Manager
Ms Natalie RUSSELL NRU Data Manager
Ms Lesley THOMAS LTH Finance Assistant
Ms Kath WILLIAMS KWI Office Manager