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Remote Education

Where there is the need for school to close for whole year groups/ all pupils, teaching and learning will move to our online distance learning model which enables all pupils to continue to access high quality learning from home. We understand that attendance is mandatory for all pupils of compulsory school age but it may be necessary on rare occasions to provide remote education to pupils in circumstances when in-person attendance is either not possible or contrary to government guidance. This includes occasions when school leaders decide that it is not possible for their setting to open safely, or that opening would contradict guidance from local or central government. 

Further details of this provision can be found in our Learning Continuity Plan. 



Learning Continuity Plan - January 2023

Where there is the need for school to close for whole year groups/ all pupils, teaching and learning will move to our online distance learning model which enables all pupils to continue to access high quality learning from home. 

This guidance does not include occasions where pupils are absent from school, however there may be exceptional circumstances where individual pupils may be unable to physically attend school for a short period of time (i.e. an infectious illness) but are able to continue learning by following Google Slides and lesson resources which are posted on the Google Classroom.

In order to complete work from home, all pupils will need to have access to their Chromebook and an internet connection. If at any point a pupil does not have either of these things, please call the school as soon as possible. 

All pupils should understand how to use Google Classroom to access their work as this is the platform that they use daily in lessons. Additional guidance can be found here

If there is a technical difficulty with a Chromebook, this can be reported to itsupport@eduthing.co.uk or via the school office. 


Daily Registration of pupils

  • Pupils will be expected to register online with their tutors at 08:30. This is to ensure that all pupils are prepared for the day ahead and to give them the opportunity to converse with their tutors

  • Registration will be through a Google Meet link that can be found in their form’s Google Classroom 

  • Google Meets for registration will include use of video so that tutors are able to see tutees. Pupils should therefore be suitably dressed and in an appropriate setting. They do not need to be wearing school uniform  

  • All registration sessions will be recorded for safeguarding purposes

  • Where a pupil does not register with their tutor, their parent or carer will receive a phone call to establish the reason for this


Timetable and Lesson Structure

  • Pupils will be expected to follow their school timetable which they can find in Edulink 

  • Each lesson will begin with a Google Meet where a register will be taken and live teacher input provided. All live elements will be recorded for safeguarding purposes.

  • The teacher will be available online at the time of the lesson to provide support for pupils and to check engagement. Pupils will be able to email their teachers or add comments to the assignment that they are working on which their teacher will respond to. If there is a lesson that a teacher will not be able to be online for, due to illness for example, there will still be work available for pupils to complete. Examination groups may benefit from live lessons, delivered over Google Meet as part of their agreed timetable.

  • Teachers will decide how it is best to deliver the lesson to pupils. All teachers have a range of digital teaching and learning strategies that they can select from including live and recorded lessons, online quizzes, written details of assignments and online instructional videos. This approach may vary from lesson to lesson depending on the activities completed.

  • Where possible, current programmes of learning will be followed to enable pupils to keep up with the curriculum. If adaptations are made, they will be carefully tracked so that any gaps can be addressed when pupils return to school.  

  • Teachers and teaching assistants will continue to support the needs of all pupils in their classes

  • Feedback will be provided using a virtual model of the departmental policy. If pupils are due to receive feedback in school, they should receive feedback from a distance instead. Pupils should respond to feedback as guided by their teacher

  • The homework schedule will continue to be followed