Register of Interests

Register of Trustees’ and Trust Associates’ Business and other Interests 

In order to identify any potential conflict trustees, trust associates and member representatives are required to declare all relevant business and pecuniary interests including:

  • ownership or partnership of a company or organisation which may be used by the trust/school to provide goods or services;
  • trusteeships or governorships at another educational institution or charity; and
  • any material interests from close family relationships between members, trustees and employees.

All interests of those sitting on the TKA Local Academy Committee are published in the Register below. A complete Register of the interests of all KET trustees. trust associates and Member Representatives can be found on the Trust website here.

Trustees, trust associates and member representatives are also required to disclose any personal or business interest in any agenda item at the beginning of every meeting  and to leave the meeting whilst that item is being discussed.

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