Lucy Hope - Author Visit

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12th Jun

On Wednesday, the KS3 Book Club received an author visit from Lucy Hope - the Carnegie-nominated author of 'Fledgling' and 'Wren'. Lucy spoke about how her childhood home, an atmospheric castle in Wales, became the inspiration behind her gothic novels and we had a go at writing our own gothic fiction.

The KS3 book club had read and enjoyed 'Fledgling' in advance of the visit:

In the year 1900, Cassie Engel lives in an unusual house perched precariously on top of a tall rock on the edge of the Bratvian Forest overlooking the town of Edenburg. One night, during a violent storm, a cherub flies into Cassie’s room. But this is only the beginning of a series of mysterious happenings that will transform her life irrevocably. ‘Fledgling’ is a startlingly original and eerily atmospheric tale, perfect for fans of Frances Hardinge.

We particularly loved the twist at the end - the pupils described the ending as 'very unexpected' and 'bittersweet'.

The Fern Hill Year 6 Book Club and Pupil Librarians also joined us for the afternoon to meet Lucy Hope - thank you to TKA pupils for being gracious hosts!

Rebecca Rouillard- Librarian


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