Model United Nations Conference

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22nd Nov


Last Saturday ten of our Year 11 and Year 12 pupils took part in the Model United Nations Conference at RGS Guildford. It was really amazing to see our pupils speaking so confidently and showing themselves so well-researched on a wide range of topics. The conference was mostly attended by Sixth Form students from a range of private and state schools, and the standard of debate was extremely high. Gabriella CH represented Pakistan in the Security Council on the topics of Cybersecurity and Arms Trafficking, Ayan N represented Pakistan in the Economic and Social Council on Cultural Erosion and Big Pharma, Zoe C represented Pakistan in the WHO on Malaria and Antibiotic Resistance, Dila S represented Italy in SPECPOL on the Issue of the Nile and Religious Extremism, Tommy W and Olivia MR represented Pakistan and Finland respectively in UNEP on the Ice Caps and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Fardin W, Sophie W and Ebru B represented Pakistan, Finland and Italy respectively in UNHRC on Religious Education and the Right to Protest, and Tomas L represented the Kingdom of Georgia in a Historical Security Council set in the 13th Century on the 1204  Sack of Constantinople and subsequent formation of states. All pupils then joined an emergency General Assembly on a fictitious crisis in the South China Sea.

Model United Nations is a fantastic way to build your CV for UCAS applications and for personal development. You will improve your understanding of the world and current affairs, as well as leadership and public speaking skills. You have to argue an issue from the perspectives of a different country, which might be different from your own perspectives, and to find consensus in the room rather than finding differences.

Sixth Formers can get involved by choosing Model UN as an enrichment option, and KS4 pupils can come to our club on Thursday P6 in S1-9.

Mr Taylor
Modern Languages Lead


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