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4th Oct


As part of Year 7 Summer Reading Challenge, our pupils were gifted a copy of S.F. Said’s award-winning novel ‘Tyger’ and were invited to read it over the holidays. Yesterday they were very excited to receive a visit from the author himself, S.F. Said. 

S.F. Said spoke about his long journey to publication including two unpublished novels, ninety publisher rejections and seventeen drafts of his debut novel, 'Varjak Paw'. 'Tyger', which was the 'Book of the Year' at the British Book Awards this year, took him nine years to complete and innumerable drafts. The pupils were very engaged, asked a lot of fantastic questions and many of them queued up after the school day had finished to have their books signed.

We also held a staff vs pupils 'Tyger' quiz. It was a hard fought competition but one of the teams of teachers triumphed with full marks and three pupil teams tied for second place just behind them.