Philosophy, Religion & Ethics

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Vision for the Department

We aim to provide pupils with a knowledge-rich curriculum to equip pupils with the substantive knowledge of religious, non-religious and ethical or philosophical worldviews; knowledge that will help them navigate the complexity of different views in our society. 

With this knowledge, we enable pupils to consider life’s big questions such as: ‘Why are we here?’; ‘What is a human being?’; ‘How should we act?’ and many more.

Our final aim is to allow all learners to critique, evaluate, and reflect personally on the views they learn about, considering how they relate or differ from their own worldview or perspective.


KS3 Curriculum


Introduction to Philosophy, Religion and Ethics

Who am I and what do I believe?

What does it mean to be Jewish?

How should I act?

What does it mean to be a Sikh?



What’s the Big Story in the Bible?

Big Questions in Philosophy

What does it mean to be Muslim?

What does it mean to be Hindu?



What can we know for sure?

Can we prove the existence of God?

What do Utilitarianism and Situation Ethics teach us about how to act?

What is the value of human life? Medical Ethics

What does it mean to be a Buddhist?


'Going beyond' through adopting a philosophical approach to PRE, which includes both religious and non-religious worldviews. We provide Going Beyond trips to places of worship in Year 7, a creative arts competition in Year 8 on Environmental Ethics, and Global Worldviews topics in Year 10.

For more information on the curriculum beyond KS3 please refer to the Guided Choices and Sixth Form Brochures which can be found on the:

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