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Vision for the Department

To provide pupils with a comprehensive education in music that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning. To allow pupils to develop a deep appreciation for music, and to inspire them to pursue further study or careers in related fields. To introduce pupils to a wide variety of musical genres, styles and traditions

KS3 Curriculum


Graphic scores - Introduction to notation through basic composition and performance.

Musical Elements/Notation: Exploring pitch and musical notation through melodies/performance on the Piano. Learning the elements of music and basic analysis skills.

Junk Percussion/Stomp - Focussing on structure and basic rhythms used in performance through creating instruments and performances from a composition.

Instruments of the Orchestra - Composition and analysis of classical music with orchestral instruments.

The Planets- exploring soundscapes through the use of Music Technology. Inspired by the work of Gustav Holst.

Singing Sessions - Independent and collaborative learning of pitch through singing in ensemble performance.



Ostinato - Discovering patterns of music and drumming techniques from West African music/dance through to pop culture.

Students will refine composition and performance skills.

Mozart - Introduction to classical music and analysis of a score into Mozart's work and life.

12 Bar Blues - Developing improvisation skills and performing piano melodies and a bassline from a score/music notation.

Building upon the elements of a piece of music. Bass line, Chords, Melody.

Musical Futures- band skills.

Film Music - Exploring the use of sound in Film composing. Creating a composition to a clip of a film using Music Technology. Insight into the music industry and film composer John Williams.



Protest Songs - Developing Song writing skills, creating music for purpose and to fit a brief. Insight into history, culture and social politics through composition with music technology.

Jazz Music - Developing piano techniques through syncopation in the style/culture around jazz music using melody and bassline. Solo and ensemble performance.

Musical Futures - Developing ensemble, solo skills on different instruments to successfully create a band ensemble performance of a piece of popular music.

Music in Russia - Appraising Soviet propaganda music during the Cold War focussing on composers like Prokofiev and Shostakovich.


Going beyond the National Curriculum through:

  • School orchestra
  • Annual Celebration Concert
  • House music competitions 
  • Ensemble performance recordings
  • Full range of practical music lessons available


For more information on the curriculum beyond KS3 please refer to the Guided Choices and Sixth Form Brochures which can be found on the:

Curriculum Page