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Vision for the Department

Maths at TKA will provide pupils with the opportunity to learn new skills in number, algebra, shape and statistics which build on the KS2 curriculum. Well considered, intelligent practice allows pupils to improve their fluency in these fundamental skills. We also provide opportunities for pupils to problem-solve and generalise their skills to discover connections between topics and enjoy the satisfaction of working out multi-step, logical problems. Pupils become familiar with the language of mathematics, due to the emphasis on the correct use of terminology in written and verbal answers to mathematical reasoning questions.

Pupils understand how to use mathematical processes and methods without relying on calculators or technology to solve mental arithmetic problems. However, at TKA we utilise technology to aid discovery within certain topics, for example all groups use Desmos software in the discovery of graph equations. Pupils are also well-routined in using their chromebooks for homework and assessments, including use of Hegarty Maths, Kerboodle and Socrative. Topics such as the financial mathematics in Y8 HT4 and interpreting data in Y9 HT3 serve to prepare our students for real life mathematical situations, and we strive for all pupils to enjoy maths and feel confident enough to succeed.


KS3 Curriculum
Please see this document for full details on a termly basis for Years 7, 8 and 9


Introduction to and consolidation of fundamental mathematics topics paving the way for KS3 and beyond

Adding and subtracting negative numbers

Factors, multiples and primes

Fractions and decimals

Data analysis and comparison (mean, mode and median; chart and graphs formulation and interpretation)


Converting between different units

Using a scientific calculator

Expressions, equations, formulae

Ratios, percentages

Areas and volumes of shapes



Extension of KS3 topics already covered

Symmetry, reflection, rotation

More complex equation work including equations of lines


Interpreting scale drawings


Going beyond the National Curriculum through:

  • Maths Olympiad
  • Maths Kangaroo
  • Junior and Senior UKMT Maths Challenge
  • Celebration of annual Pi day
  • Weekly maths support - KS3 & KS4 Maths Clinic
  • Maths Achievers Club
  • Root 2 Success Club


For more information on the curriculum beyond KS3 please refer to the Guided Choices and Sixth Form Brochures which can be found on the:

Curriculum Page