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Vision for the Department

To provide students with an understanding of biology, physics and chemistry, including the fundamental principles and concepts that underlie these disciplines, as well as their practical applications in the real world.

KS3 Curriculum


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Cells & movement


Plant reproduction

Human reproduction



Respiration and photosynthesis

Evolution and inheritance

Cell biology

Organisation & the digestive system

Organising plants & animals


Particles & mixtures

Acids & alkalis

Metals & non-metals

Structure of the Earth

Energy costs and transfers

Climate change

Periodic table & the elements

Chemical reactions

Earth’s atmosphere

Structure of the atom

Periodic table

Bonding & structure

Earth’s atmosphere


Speed & gravity

Voltage & current variation

Sound & light

The Universe

Contact forces


Electromagnets & magnetism



Heating & cooling

Energy costs and transfers


Conservation & dissipation of energy

Energy transfer by heating

Molecules & matter


Going beyond the National Curriculum through:

  • Collaborations with students from Kingston University
  • Events to mark and celebrate British Science Week
  • School trips and visits e.g. Kew Gardens Science Trip, Biology Field Trip
  • Entering national science focused challenges and competitions


For more information on the curriculum beyond KS3 please refer to the Guided Choices and Sixth Form Brochures which can be found on the:

Curriculum Page