Sixth Form Life

As a Sixth Former at TKA you will enjoy more freedom and independence than previously experienced in school, but continue to work within the structured and supportive environment of the wider academy. We want you to take greater ownership of your learning so you can develop and pursue interests both in the curriculum and outside of it with more commitment and passion.

In the Sixth Form your relationships with teachers will also change. Rather than being entirely dependent on their knowledge, we expect you to enter into more mature learning partnerships in which you will be challenged to be responsible for your own learning, identifying and completing wider reading where appropriate and responding with commitment to the demands made of you. We will continue to have high expectations of your attendance and punctuality as well as the quality and regularity of your work, so that you can achieve your full potential whilst at TKA.

As a smaller Sixth Form, you will also benefit from a more personalised experience at TKA in which you will be able to get to know all of your peers without difficulty and in which staff can offer more tailored support. TKA students will feel part of a supportive community in which individual interests and identities are celebrated and where leadership and initiative are rewarded.