Chrome Code for Chromebook Usage


  • Chromebooks are supplied by TKA, and pupils are the carers for them. They should be treated well, as you would treat valuable textbooks.
  • Their main purpose is to enhance learning, and this should be the focus of activities done on them. As much as possible, any personal (non-school) use should be on other devices. Emails should be of professional standards.


Looking after a Chromebook

  • When not in use, the Chromebook should be kept in its protective sleeve.
  • Don’t let the Chromebook get wet or leave it outside.
  • When using your Chromebook, be sitting down so that it cannot fall.
  • Keep food and drink away from the Chromebook. If you are eating, then the Chromebook should be in its sleeve. Chromebooks should not be used at break time or lunchtime without permission. 
  • Note down your Chromebook’s serial number in a Google Doc. 

Classroom Etiquette

  • Chromebooks should be fully charged ready for the start of each day.
  • Chromebooks should be kept away in a bag until the teacher gives permission for them to be taken out and used.
  • When out of bags but not in use (for example, when listening to a teacher’s instructions) the Chromebook lid should be shut or at “half mast”.
  • When using a Chromebook in school, the installed online safety software must be running.
  • When the teacher asks for attention, as well as being silent, hands should be off the keyboard and trackpad/mouse.
  • Photos or video should not be recorded without permission of those being filmed, or uploaded to external sites.

Software use

  • YouTube should not be used at break and lunchtime; only in lessons as directed by a teacher.
  • Instant messaging and chat should not be used without a teacher's permission.
  • Games should not be played whilst at school. Educational games will need permission from the teacher in charge at the time.
  • All communication should be polite, sensible and responsible.
  • If anything is encountered that is upsetting, offensive or inappropriate, then it should be reported as soon as possible.

Updated April 2022