Pupil Parliament

TKA Pupil Parliament 2019-20 

Welcome to our Pupil Parliament page. Pupil Parliament is your representative body for change at TKA. 

Pupil Parliament is made up of Members of Parliament. These MPs are drawn from across all 4 of our Houses and all our Year Groups. 

Parliament meets once a half term and between sittings all MPs are assigned and attend a committee to work through. These committees are: The Wellbeing Committee,  the Learning and Teaching Committee and the Maintenance and Grounds Committee which are supported and guided by a lead member of staff. 

The committees share their work on your behalf in Parliament, with key staff, the Senior Leadership Team and its corresponding committee in the Kingston Educational Trust (KET) to ensure your voice is not only heard but that change is developed in cooperation with you, for all pupils’ benefit.

If you would like to know more please check in with your MP or read our newsletter @ Parliamentary Business: Newsletter – The Dispatch Box