The Kingston Academy recognises that individual pupils in the school will display a range of needs including those associated with having a special educational need. The range of needs typically requiring targeted intervention will be in line with that of the local community. The majority of Secondary aged students with significant needs are likely to be related to communication and interaction needs and behavioural, emotional and social needs. Regardless of the nature of the needs, the school will ensure individual needs are met according to its principle of inclusivity and removing barriers to learning.

SEN provision has now been reviewed and the school will comply with and implement the 0-25 SEN Code of Practice.

In light of the new 0-25 SEN Code of Practice, the school will:

  • meet the Equality Act duties for pupils with disabilities;
  • use our ‘best endeavours’ to meet pupils’ SEN;
  • inform parents when pupils receive support for special educational needs and involve them in reviews of progress;
  • admit a young person, where the school is named in an EHC plan;
  • co-operate with the local authority in developing the local offer;
  • produce and publish online a School SEN Information Report;
  • secure the services of a suitably qualified or experienced member of staff as SENCO (National Award); and have regard to the new 0-25 SEND Code of Practice;
  • a clear focus at every level and every stage on a person-centred approach and the involvement of families and young people;
  • a focus on outcomes to be achieved, rather than simply units of provision.

Please visit our page ‘Questions and Answers about our SEN offer’ for further information.