Uniform and Equipment

The Trustees of The Kingston Academy decided that there should be a school uniform and other rules relating to appearance because it:

  • Instils pride in the school;
  • Supports positive behaviour and discipline;
  • Encourages identity with, and support for, school ethos;
  • Ensures pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome;
  • Protects children from social pressures to dress in a particular way; and
  • Nurtures cohesion and promotes good relations between different groups of pupils.

The majority of the school uniform is available from SchoolZone which is located on the top floor of Bentalls Department Store.  Generic items, such as Charcoal Grey trousers, may be purchased from a retailer of your choice (e.g. Marks and Spencer, Next).  All those items which need to be puchased from School Zone are colour coded blue in the table below.



Pupils are expected to wear the uniform, as prescribed in the table in Appendix 1 of the Uniform Policy (link below the table), neatly and to keep up a good standard of personal appearance, as appropriate for school. Pupils may wear a single plain stud in each ear and a watch, but no other jewellery is permitted except for valid religious or cultural reasons. Make-up and nail varnish are not permitted.  Coats and other outdoor clothing such as hats, gloves and scarfs may be worn in cold weather, but are not to be worn inside school buildings. Sturdy, smart black shoes must be worn by all pupils and trainers, velcro fastening shoes and ballet pumps are not permitted.

Hair should be clean and tidy. Long hair should be tied back from the face and hair bands, clips or other accessories should be strictly functional and conservative in style and size.  Extreme hairstyles including the following are not permitted:

  • Close shaved heads or areas of the head (a grade two is the minimum acceptable hair length anywhere on the head and should be blended with any areas of longer hair, no areas of scalp should be visible anywhere on the head);
  • Patterns, lines or tracks shaved or cut into the hair or eyebrows (including to emphasis hair partings);
  • Excessive use of hair product.

The table below details all elements of uniform required by pupils attending TKA.

The detailed school uniform policy may be found here: TKA Uniform Policy 2019

TKA Equipment list

PE Curriculum and Equipment 2018-19