Guiding Principles

Inclusive, aspirational for all and developing the whole child

The Kingston Academy, a school with …

  • An inclusive ethos where all are welcome to the school and everyone is valued for who they are and what they offer.
  • A focus on learning to learn, at the heart of our pedagogy, ensuring that all of our students will learn more effectively.
  • The strongest possible emphasis on communication ensuring that our students are able to interact freely and with confidence with as wide a range of audiences and across as many forms of expression as possible.
  • A curriculum that promotes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects to ensure our students have a deep and rich understanding of the world around them.
  • A belief in the power of new technologies and the online world to develop our students as digital citizens and to enhance, support and stimulate the learning experience.
  • Purposeful and challenging learning across the curriculum helping to ensure that all of our young people are able to succeed to their highest potential.
  • A strong global dimension enriching our students’ learning and broaden their knowledge of other people and cultures.
  • Successful partnerships and links to external institutions and industry experts to support our students.

The Kingston Academy, a school that …

  • Provides effective pastoral care to ensure that all students are well-known and understood, and which will support all of our young people to enable them to perform as well as they possibly can.
  • Promotes healthy lifestyles to provide our students with sound advice and guidance and opportunities to engage in a range of physical activities that will offer something for all.
  • Prepares young people for life beyond the boundaries of the school and after our students have moved on to the next phase of their lives.
  • Provides an outstanding educational experience for local children.
  • Nurtures and challenges children’s intellectual and imaginative capacities asintelligence is not fixed and aspirations matter.
  • Empowers learners and their teachers by bringing tools (mobile technology/devices) into the centre ground of activity. The use of these technologies will be commonplace as ‘Digital Literacy’ will be an overarching aspect of school life.
  • Strives to maximise students’ potential for later schooling, post-school education, training and employment and for the quality of life itself so that they can contribute to and enjoy living within a society.
  • Encourages students to take a lead in shaping their own learning.

The Kingston Academy, a school where …

  • Aspiration knows no bounds, from which outcomes are outstanding and whose reputation is unparalleled.
  • Purposeful and challenging learning is the cornerstone of the school’s success and excellence.
  • Parents matter and make a difference.
  • All students will enjoy learning, make excellent progress, attain high outcomes and be helped to become confident individuals and responsible citizens.
  • Learning pathways are tailored to students’ individual talents and special needs, and progression of learning is closely monitored.
  • All students will benefit from strong leadership, an inclusive ethos and practice, excellent teaching and a broad and balanced curriculum in a local school.
  • The physical environment impacts positively on learning.
  • Young people are challenged to risk failure, to collaborate, to reflect on their experiences and learning and to learn to overcome adversity and difficulty.
  • Students will be encouraged to raise concerns for themselves and on behalf of others with confidence.
  • Sport and physical development are celebrated and friendly rivalry is seen as natural and healthy.

The Kingston Academy, a school which offers …

  • A safe place for young people to interact with others, learn, play, research, explore and discover for themselves (including in online spaces).
  • A strong sense of identity for all its students, with an emphasis on their understanding of their valued place as a young citizen contributing to the wider world.
  • A diverse, enriched curriculum. A significant proportion of our curriculum time will be devoted to the STEM subjects; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, but will be taught alongside more traditional subjects such as English, Humanities, Languages, and the Expressive and Performing Arts.
  • World class exam results. Students will study qualifications that are of genuine value and be encouraged and supported to maximise their potential.
  • Regular assessment. Whilst the school will place a strong emphasis on stimulating, engaging and nurturing students, it will regularly review students’ progress and development, and personalise learning where necessary.
  • Highly qualified, professional teaching staff who have a passion for teaching and learning. Teachers who can enthusiastically convey their subject to all students and create enjoyment and excitement.
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for all staff. In the interest of life-long learning, our valued staff will participate in their own personal and professional development to enhance their knowledge and skills and keep abreast of new technologies, methodologies and pedagogical practices, in order to enrich the daily lives of students.
  • Rewards for those students who achieve highly, sustain good and respectful behaviour, complete all activities with admirable effort and maintain high standards throughout their school career.