Data Protection

The Kingston Academy ensures that all personal data we collect about pupils, parents, staff  and other individuals is collected, stored and processed in accordance with data protection regulations.

When we collect data we provide the following information in a privacy notice (the latest versions of our privacy notices and data retention schedule can be found below):

  • What information is being collected
  • Who is collecting it
  • How is it collected
  • Why it is being collected
  • How it be used and how long it will be kept for
  • Who it will be shared with

If you have any questions relating to data protection, please contact our Data Protection Officer Zara Gallagher email: telephone: 020 8465 6200

Our Data Protection and CCTV Policies can be found here

The latest versions of our Privacy Notices and Data Retention Schedule are below:

Privacy Notices

Privacy Notice: How We Use Pupil Information

Privacy Notice for Parents/Carers How We Use Your Information

Privacy Notice for Pupils How We Use Your Information

Privacy Notice for Sixth Form Students and Applicants

Privacy Notice Biometric Data for Pupils and Staff

Privacy Notice for Job Applicants

COVID Testing at TKA

Privacy Notice for COVID Testing

COVID Testing FAQs for Parents

Data Retention Schedule

Data Retention Schedule

Subject Access Requests

You can submit a Subject Access Request if you wish to find out what personal information the school holds about you.

So that the school can identify the required information, it would be helpful if you use this form and submit it to the Head teacher’s PA copied to:

Children over the age of 12 are generally assumed to have the capacity to manage their own data protection rights and we will need their written consent to provide information to a parent/carer on their behalf in response to a Subject Access Request. A consent form is available here.

Parents do not have a legal right to their child’s educational record held by The Kingston Academy (this applies only to maintained schools) and requests will be dealt with as Subject Access Requests.