Wales Humanities Trip

On Monday and Tuesday the whole of year 8 visited South Wales, as part of a humanities trip. Our first stop was the Big Pit which was an underground mine which had closed in 1980. To get to the mine we had to travel in a cage which brought us down 90 meters underground where we had to use torches to be able to see. We went round the mine in groups and saw what it was like as children would have worked down there all day.

In the evening we arrived at the Hostel where we had dinner and soon after we all went bowling at the Hollywood Bowl. The next day we went to the National Caves of Wales where we went inside 3 caves, one cave we went in was called the Cathedral Cave where there were many waterfalls and it was also made out of limestone. Finally we visited Caerphilly castle. It was a great trip and we learnt a great deal about the geography of Wales.

Tamara (8 Ne) Berners Lee House