Summer Music Concert


The 21st of June was not only the hottest day of June but also the fabulous Midsummer Gala Concert at TKA. We had both Y8s and Y7s performing a range of talents from rapping to playing musical instruments. There were many families gathered to celebrate the skills of our school’s gifted pupils. Both families and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. Everyone was thrilled to see the hard work of the pupils paying off which was heartwarming to see. With a mix of the enthusiasm from the performers and excitement of the people watching, we could all agree that it was an amazing evening. Congratulations to everyone who played a part and especially a big thank you to Mrs Callaghan Hooks!

Chae Un (8 Na) Hawking House

The Acappella choir performed ‘King’ by Lauren Aquilina. We’d been rehearsing for several weeks with Mr Stenning and the 15 pupils who took part really enjoyed the experience. It was quite nerve wracking (and hot!) but I think we performed it well. I like being in this choir because we get to choose the songs and share our ideas.

Tom B (8Si) Curie House