Academy Structure

The Kingston Academy has been set up by the Kingston Education Trust (KET), a partnership between Kingston University, Kingston College and ‘Achieving for Children’, Kingston Council. KET’s three partners have substantial and successful experience of the strategic leadership and day to day management of educational institutions. The values and skills of the partners ensure that KET contributes to enhancing the diversity and quality of education at The Kingston Academy.  The structure of our Governing Body reflects this enviable partnership (see “Governance’ page for more detail).

The links with Kingston University and Kingston College as well as other industry partners provide opportunities to enrich the learning experience for The Kingston Academy student. These enhanced experiences are provided both in and out of the classroom and will meet the requirements of all learners.

In addition to the strategic vision and insight which The Kingston Academy gains through KET and our Governing Body we also benefit more tangibly.  In Autumn 2015 these links have enabled us to:

  • hold our Year 7 Induction Day in fantastic Kingston University lecture theatres
  • stage our Celebration Concert at The Rose Theatre in November 2015
  • benefit from the assistance of Kingston College / Kingston University students:
    • in filming our concerts
    • setting up and helping with our open evening which was attended by over 2000 people
    • joining with us and enriching our experience on our school trips to the Imperial War Museum.