The Kingston Academy has invested in GCSEPod, the award-winning digital content and revision provider used by over 1,200 schools.

As subscribers your son or daughter, for Year 10, will have access to GCSEPod’s library of over 6,000 ‘Pods,’ 3-5 minute videos designed to deliver knowledge in short bursts. GCSEPod makes learning and revision much more manageable: every Pod is mapped to the exam boards we use, and contains all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and annotated diagrams that your child needs for GCSE success across: Maths, English, the three Sciences, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Computer Science, Spanish, PE, D&T and Texts for Drama -all neatly organised into topics and exam playlists.

GCSEPod is both a desktop and mobile friendly site. It works with our Google Apps for Education and ‘Single Google Sign In’ once registered. As such, your son or daughter can access via their Chromebook or download any Pod to their mobile device, and then they can watch them at any time, in any place: with or without internet. Reassuringly both Apple and Android have supported Apps via Google Play and the App Store.

GCSEPod also has the ability to act as a revision guide and knowledge organiser. It can identify gaps in what your son or daughter knows, and can automatically send playlists to help fill them, after completing any multiple choice homework set on GCSEPod by staff. It will deliver a follow up and personalised “Boost Playlist” of Pods relevant to their identified areas for development to continue and support their learning.

All Year 10 students have been pre-registered with GCSEPod and will have set up their own logins to register and activate their accounts during Aspire SMART this week. We as a staff are committed to developing the use of GCSEPod and encouraging your son or daughter to explore it as a key aid to independent learning. While if you would like more ways you can help support your son or daughter in using GCSEPod, please visit www.gcsepod.com/parents where you’ll find lots more information and resources to help.