Steve Havers

Trust Associate

Steve Havers has lived in Kingston for over 14 years. His eldest son started at The Kingston Academy in September 2015, as a ‘History Maker’, and his other two children have followed.

Steve studied Politics and Economics at Bristol University before starting a career at the BBC. He then went on to set up his own ideas and production company making shows for a world-wide audience. He has had 15 years’ experience of being a Company Director and running a business. Steve’s core skills are in people management; thinking creatively and getting ideas across in a captivating way; problem solving; writing and all aspects of the media.

Steve has always been an advocate of sport and being active. He runs regularly in Richmond Park (but not as much as when he was preparing to run a marathon in 2013!), cycles and plays tennis and golf. He has a great singing voice and performs regularly as a member of an acapella singing group called ‘Breathing Space’. Steve is passionate about doing his best to help The Kingston Academy progress and succeed, as a member of the local academy committee and as a critical friend to the school.