Academy Development & Improvement Plan 2022-23

Raise Quality of Education standards so that:

  1. Students make excellent rates of progress in all curriculum areas 
  2. Any groups performing less-well than their peers make increased rates of progress to close the gap
  3. We strive to meet the raised expectations of the Schools Bill White Paper


  • Develop Quality Assurance methods across all key stages
  • Develop team improvement processes for priority curriculum areas identified through analysis of exam results
  • Improve our use of data: swift, targeted, analysis, upskill SLT and MLs to ensure data has impact
  • Embed KS3 Assessment methods so that all understand the system and find it useful
  • Develop methods of reporting to parents
  • Develop feedback methods from teachers to students: centralised and consistent
  • Focus on improving rates of progress and attainment of students with SEND 
  • Raise standards of reading and literacy in terms of overall strategy and intervention for those who are falling behind
  • Improve quality of work produced – content capture, consistency and use of chromebooks
  • High quality professional development appropriate for each career stage 
  • Refine and develop intervention approaches such as tutoring, white paper, covid catch-up, PPG, revision,
  • Develop positive learning behaviours and skills in lessons

Maintain high standards of Behaviour and Attitudes across the school


  • Strengthen consistency of approach for all staff in class and unstructured time
  • Maintain culture of zero tolerance for bullying / harassment / harmful sexual behaviours
  • Strengthen understanding of reasonable adjustments for students with additional needs 
  • Refine attendance policy and procedures 
  • Improve punctuality to lessons and school

Strengthen Personal Development opportunities so that pupils thrive within and beyond TKA


  • Embed pupil leadership and pupil voice systems
  • Systematic, future-proofed and engaging careers opportunities across KS3/4 
  • Review all opportunities beyond the curriculum – redefine character development goals 
  • Strengthen ECAs, Trips and opportunities for character and personal development for pupils with additional needs and PPG

Further establish a highly effective Sixth Form provision


  • Increase the impact of student leaders within and beyond our community
  • Strengthen recruitment of internal candidates
  • Increase opportunities for external speakers
  • Continue to explore the affordability and size of the 6th form
  • Improve achievement in A Level examinations particularly for HPA students

Highly effective Leadership and Management ensures the smooth-running and future success of the organisation


  • Continue to seek solutions to future-proof SEND / SRP provision to address the lack of space in a climate of increasing need
  • Maintain the highest standards of safeguarding and respond effectively  to emerging priorities
  • Develop leaders to be more effective leaders themselves
  • Improve engagement with parents so that they are more heard and recognise that their feedback has had impact

Complete a thorough evaluation and development of Race and Conscious Equality at TKA through the RACE Charter Mark.


  • Ensure Race and Conscious Equality at work
  • Assess Equality at TKA
  • Develop Leadership and Management in ensuring Race and Conscious Equality
  • Embed a Conscious Curriculum
  • Strengthen Race and Conscious Equality focus of Professional Development
  • Increase and ensure effectiveness of Race and Conscious Equality through stakeholder engagement, including communication strategies and community outreach.