TKA’s Grand Opening

On Thursday 13th February, we held TKA’s official Grand Opening Ceremony.  We wanted to wait until we had taken full possession of our state-of-the-art new building before marking our arrival in the local community.  The event was attended by many of those individuals who had been instrumental in the establishment of the school, those who have worked with us over the years in our development and many others from our growing TKA family.  We were honoured that Helen Sharman, Britain’s First Astronaut, attended TKA to perform the official unveiling of our plaque.


Prior to the unveiling of the plaque, Helen addressed all pupils, in two separate talks.  She had a very lively and engaging manner of talking to the pupils and wove a significant amount of science into the content of her presentations as well as sharing with us many interesting insights into her time as an astronaut.