Best Ever GCSE Results

We are delighted to announce an exceptional set of GCSE results, the first of many stellar results to come. Congratulations to all our pupils for their hard work!

Here are a few key highlights:

  • 76% of pupils achieved Grade 4 or above in both English and Maths, whilst 60% achieved Grade 5 or above. This is well above national averages (65% and 43% in 2019) and demonstrates high rates of progress from pupils’ starting points (85th percentile for Grade 4+ and 89th percentile for Grade 5+)
  • one third (33%) of all grades were awarded at Grade 7 and above
  • 19% were awarded at Grade 8 or above
  • 9% were awarded at Grade 9
  • 34% of our History Makers achieved 5 grade 7s or above
  • Achievement in Mathematics was particularly strong, with 85% at Grade 4+, 72% at Grade 5+ and 38% at Grade 7+ and progress in the top 5% nationally
  • Pupils also achieved highly in both English Language (93rd percentile) and English Literature (80th percentile), with overall 78% at Grade 4+ and 66% at Grade 5+.


We know we can have great confidence in this excellent set of results.  The process we put in place to determine the Centre Assessed Grades was extremely thorough and robust and was scrutinised both by trustees and our external School Improvement Partner. Subject teachers, Curriculum Leads and the Senior Leadership team were all closely involved. Teachers approached the task of assessing grades with the utmost professionalism, diligence and integrity and went through several rounds of review, checking and oversight before being finalised. Grades were not the sole responsibility of any individual teacher; each individual grade for every pupil was discussed and agreed in subject teams and based on as wide an evidence base as possible.

Overall, the grades submitted were a fair, objective and accurate reflection.