Library coming soon to TKA

One resource that has been conspicuous by its absence has been the provision of a library for our pupils. As a new school sourcing a library is no mean feat and costly. We have plugged this gap by promoting reading in many ways, with initiatives such as The Big Read, the Reading Challenge, visiting authors such as Claire Balding, paired reading schemes, online library access, guided reading in tutor time and through the English curriculum of course with the implementation of Accelerated Reader. However, nothing beats having a library.

We have finally reached a position whereby we are able to mobilise our plans to finance and establish our own onsite library which will be curated by the students, our parent community and with the appointment of our very own librarian. Reading and curiosity as a learner is an extremely important part of learning and a way in which we can support the quality of education for our students.  With the closure of many local libraries, we now feel it is vital to establish an in-school library. Not only will it provide crucial reading material to enhance learning, it can promote and support leisure-time reading, contribute to the social development of students and provide a safe place to study and do homework.  Now that we are in our final year of growth, we would really like to start on this in earnest in the New Year, with a goal to launch the campaign in February.  We have already been saving hard in order to implement this.