Holocaust Memorial Day

On Tuesday, just over 40 Year 9 pupils visited the Kingston Liberal Synagogue to learn about people’s experiences during the Holocaust. Nesha Kumar writes about her experiences of the trip in this report:

A man named David talked about his parents’ experiences and how the Holocaust affected them and his family. David’s father had escaped Austria and worked for the British army during the war.  Some members of David’s family had also escaped but others had not and so had died like so many others in the Holocaust.  We also watched a short film on children hiding from danger and how the dangers affected them. As a group, we learnt about how the Jews were treated in Nazi Germany, what their lives were like and discussed how they might have felt and reacted as laws against them were introduced under Hitler’s regime.

In my opinion, I was shocked and upset to hear about people’s experiences during the Holocaust, especially reflecting on how their life experiences contrast to other people’s lives nowadays.

This year’s theme for Holocaust Memorial Day is ‘The Power of Words’.  At the end of the visit we all gave David a card reflecting on his story and we each lit a candle to commemorate one of the many people who were killed during the Holocaust.  This was a thought provoking visit about an event we are currently studying in History. Thank you to the Kingston Liberal Synagogue for inviting us.