Yr 9 Spanish Exchange

Last week, a group of Year 9 pupils returned from what was our first international, residential trip at TKA. Ms. Pavitt has marked this magnificent milestone in her write-up of the trip:

Between the 7th-12th November, 23 Y9 pupils took part in the return trip of a Spanish exchange with the Institut Terres de Ponent in Mollerussa. Being thrown into a foreign culture is a challenge, but it was one that I was delighted to see our pupils embrace with resilience and positivity. It was a joy to see them interacting with their exchange partners with such enthusiasm, and I hope this will have provided the opportunity to build friendships that will last for many years to come. Below are a selection of reflections from pupils on their experiences:

Henrietta Watson: I will never forget this exchange. Last week was one of the most memorable weeks and I enjoyed it so much. Being in Mollerussa helped me a lot with my Spanish but I also made a lot of new friends whilst away. My favourite day was Friday because I enjoyed learning about the Roman history of Tarragona and because we spent so much time with the exchange students.
I enjoyed being immersed in their culture because I was able to see the differences in our lifestyles. The food we ate for dinner was so delicious, especially the omelettes. In Mollerussa, they have two breakfasts and they put oil on everything! I loved being able to see Estel’s friends everyday and going to a restaurant with some of them. I have made so many friendships that I will always remember and we have all become so close in the last week.

Morgan Sharrad: The Spanish exchange was an unforgettable experience that was definitely worth it. I think it’s important to know about the culture if you decide to learn a language and this was a perfect example of how to do that. Not only did I get to experience their way of life but it helped improve my Spanish and give me life-long friends who I have become very close too. Going to stay with someone who you haven’t known for long is definitely a scary thought, however, as soon as I got there, all my nerves went away thanks to the students being so kind and welcoming. I couldn’t choose a favourite part of the exchange as I loved every second of it. I loved all our gatherings and just laughing and being together and it didn’t really matter what we were doing. Whether we were bowling, going to sweet spoons (which is delicious by the way) or even sitting on the grass, it was all amazing. Tarragona and Barcelona were very beautiful places and I loved visiting the Sagrada Familia and going on the Roman walk.

Monty Havers: We were all excited as we started our journey to Mollerussa in Catalonia, Spain, to see our Exchange partners once again. I was staying with Marc who had a younger sister and very kind parents – they spoke good English but I still had to communicate in Spanish which was a fun challenge. It was amazing to spend the week visiting iconic locations including a walking tour of Barcelona, visiting Camp Nou – home of Barcelona FC and a visit to the Roman ruins in Tarragona. In the evenings we went back to our families for food and to relax. From my family, I got very different food from England including a paella and makeshift hot dogs (where you rub tomato into bread). We were thankful to return safely with lots of great memories and encouraged to learn more Spanish.  Although, when we returned, the weather back in the UK was a bit of a shock!