Yr 9 Netball v CCC

On Monday, the Kingston Academy Netball team went to a match against Chessington Community College alongside Ms Marshall. After a short amount of training time, the match began. Within the first quarter alone, TKA had already successfully scored 4 times due to our GA and GS (Amy Hellewell and Molly Preston-Derry). However, the second quarter allowed CCC to catch up as the score became 6-3 to TKA. Within the third quarter, CCC were only one point behind us meaning that in the last quarter it was very hard to determine who would win. As the match reached its final 10 seconds, the score was 10-9 to TKA, yet CCC was just about to make a shot yet missed, meaning that TKA walked away as winners! The player of the match was awarded to Amy Hellewell yet everybody in the team contributed to the win. We thoroughly enjoyed the match and are looking forward in playing in many more.