Homework calendar

All homework tasks set are available to view in the TKA Homework Calendar.

FAQ – Homework at TKA

Why is homework an important part of learning at TKA?

  • Homework builds on classroom learning to enable better outcomes than classroom learning alone.
  • Homework can consolidate understanding, by linking prior learning with new learning and opportunities for individual exploration.
  • Learning outside the classroom is a valuable opportunity to spark curiosity and build up independence.

How much homework will pupils be expected to do each week?

Pupils are expected to read for at least fifteen minutes everyday as part of the Reading Challenge.  One hour and forty-five minutes over the week.

In Year 7, pupils will have up to forty minutes of homework for English, Science and Mathematics until Autumn half-term.  After Autumn half-term they will have up to forty minutes of homework for English, Science and Mathematics  and twenty minutes of homework from four of the other subjects each week.   

In Year 8, pupils will have up to 60 minutes of homework for English, Science and Mathematics, and 30 minutes of homework for four other subjects each week.

The work is expected to be ready to hand in during the first lesson of the week in each subject. For example, Monday period 2.

Where can I find homework details?

A half term overview of the subjects set each week, will be on the homework page for each year group.

How can pupils manage their homework?

Pupils should plan when they are going to do their homework, so that it is done over the week.

The suggested schedule below provides an example to help pupils organise their time to avoid finding that they are stuck on a task the night before it is due in, and so avoid unnecessary stress.

Year 8 – week 2 – w/c 12 September

English, Mathematics, Science,Spanish, Art, Geography,Digital Literacy.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Reading (15 mins) Reading (15 mins) Reading (15 mins) Reading (15 mins) Reading (15 mins)
Science (30 mins) Maths (60 mins) Science (30 mins) English (60 mins) Digital Literacy (30 mins)
Spanish (20 mins) History (30 mins) Art (30 mins)

How much homework will pupils be expected to do in the future?

This homework routine will continue  and will build gradually in the following Years so pupils are ready for the study needs and independence of GCSEs and beyond.

What support is available for homework tasks?

To enable parents and carers to support your child’s work at home, details of Homework Tasks can be found on the school website.  They are differentiated from My Task, through to Core Task and then Challenge Task, so pupils can opt for activities that are achievable for them.

Study support and study supervision is available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after school 3.45-4.45. Pupils are encouraged to choose to attend, if homework is presenting too much of a challenge or if they would like some quiet study space to use. Each child simply needs to confirm with us that you are aware of their attendance before joining the session.