Transition to TKA

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Moving to secondary school from the safety and comfort of your primary school, where many children have spent seven formative years, can be a daunting experience.
We aim to make that transition as smooth as possible for pupils joining The Kingston Academy.

Transition Events – Summer 2017

We have a programme of events which will help us to get to know you and your child and vice versa before the new term starts in September.
For those joining us for the first time in September 2017 the programme is as follows:
  • One on one transition meetings will be held during the course of April, May and June where parents and their child meet with the Head Teacher, Sophie Cavanagh or a senior member of the teaching staff.  These can be booked by calling the office and asking for Kath Williams or Sharon Allen. T:0208 465 6200.
  • TKA New Joiner Assessment Day and picnic to take place in June.  On the transition day parents will drop off their children at the school at 9am and during the course of the morning pupils undertake a range of assessment tasks.  This is followed by a picnic which is run by The Friends of The Kingston Academy (our parents’ association).
  • Royal Borough of Kingston Transition Day – 5th July 2017.  This will be held at Kingston College.  This all day event will involve a range of different activities designed to allow pupils to start to get to know each other and their teachers.

A Note on Our New Joiner Assessment Day

At TKA we have found that a significant part of our success with the transition process this year has been gathering a wide range of information about our pupils. This jigsaw of SATs, our own staff subject baseline assessments, primary school information and this test then gives us a richer picture of each child so we can ensure we are providing lessons and learning opportunities that are both challenging and appropriately supported. This wider picture also informs the targets we set for pupils and in turn how we can then measure the progress our pupils are making.