Upcoming Parent Seminar – 14th June

14th June – 7 until 8.30 pm in the school hall

 Julie Johnson will talk about: Wellbeing and flourishing in the 21st Century

 With 1:4 adults experiencing a mental health problem annually and 1:10 children and adolescence at any given time, the mental health and wellbeing of both parents, children and young people has never been of more importance.

 In the last 20 years, there has been a huge amount of research and developments in positive psychology and we have identified the core needs that we as parents and our children require in our lives in order to be not only be mentally well but also to flourish. Physical needs, such as food, warmth, exercise and sleep are obvious, but emotional needs, such as receiving attention, connecting with others, control over one’s own life, status and finding purpose are more elusive.

 When emotionally fulfilled and operating effectively within families, community and society, adolescents are likely to be content, stable and mentally healthy. But when too many of these myriad needs are not met, unnecessary anxiety, stress and depression can arise.  Children & Adolescents experiencing such imbalance can suffer considerable distress, and so can those around them. In the complex world in which teenagers are growing up today, for a variety of reasons, these needs may not be met.

In this seminar Julie will:

  • Define what emotional and physical wellbeing is in relation to Children & adolescents.
  • Present the latest psychological and neurological evidence around emotional wellbeing and adolescence.
  • Present signs and symptoms of emotional, mental and physical unbalance.
  • Help parents to see how best they can support and help adolescents to get their needs met, and to spot potential problem areas.
  • Highlight where to go for help if more serious issues are identified.
  • Remembering the oxygen mask principal – encourage parents to reflect on how well their physical and emotional needs are being met.

 You can read more about Julie Johnson here.