Successful Spanish Exchange

Mat’s account:
Last Thursday, students from Terres de Ponent, near Barcelona, arrived at the Hawker Centre and my pen pal was called Eric. All the TKA pupils who were involved in the Spanish Exchange had been waiting for this moment for weeks! TKA pupils greeted Spanish students with a warm welcome. I took Eric to my house and presented him to my family. Later on, we had an enormous dinner of chicken and vegetables celebrating my pen pal’s visit. After we’d eaten the delicious dinner, my family helped Eric unpack his stuff and we went to our rooms and to recharge our batteries.

The next morning, when I woke up, Eric was already dressed!  Students from Terres de Ponent had their coach parked at the Hawker Centre and they went on a day trip to London. At the weekend, we went to the Tower of London and Eric loved it, especially the Crown Jewels. We also went to the Science Museum which Eric adored because it showed the complexity of Science.

Eric and I are in the process of making a video diary about our experience and memories during this trip.

Sravya’s account:
I hosted Jennifer and Desiree and I feel as if I’ve benefited quite a lot during their stay in London. I’ve improved my Spanish speaking and I enjoyed hearing about their families and culture in Spain. This experience provided me an insight to their life and routines in Spain. I’m excitedly counting down the days until the return trip in November and hope to be completely immersed in their culture and traditions.

By Mat K – 8 Ne – Berners Lee House and Sravya – 8 Na – Hawking House

In setting up an exchange programme, there are many unknowns, especially when starting from scratch in a new school. However, I am incredibly proud of the way that TKA pupils embraced the opportunity to share their culture with their Spanish partners, and am thankful to all the families who went beyond to welcome them into their homes. The feedback has been extremely positive so I hope this will mark the beginning of some long-lasting friendships, and am already looking forward to the return trip in November. 

Ms Pavitt